Watch A Man Fight Off Massive Snake As It Tries To Wrap Around His Body

A Twitter user posted a video from YouTuber The Real Tarzann as he wrestles a massive 14-foot python.

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

Humans and snakes have an interesting relationship, with some people keeping snakes as pets while others run screaming at the slightest hiss and slither. Twitter user Figen posted a video today of a snake that is definitely not a pet and a human that is certainly not afraid. The snake, which appears to be longer than the wrangler is tall, tries to wrap itself around the huge man while he wrestles it into submission.

The video is of YouTuber The Real Tarzann, who makes videos about catching dangerous and poisonous snakes in locations where they threaten humans. This snake is a python he caught in Indonesia, and is 14 feet long. Pythons are non-venomous snakes flecked with unique designs, which squeeze their prey to strangle them before eating them.

While most pythons are found in Africa, India, and Asia, one of The Real Tarzann’s specialties is removing them from environments where they may be invasive. For example, some of his videos see him chasing the snakes in South Florida, where they have invaded the Everglades. It is thought that the animals, specifically Burmese pythons, were adopted as pets and released in the wild by owners who couldn’t handle them.

When a species is invasive, it means that it has no natural predators in a given environment. Watching an experienced snake wrangler like The Real Tarzann have such a challenge wrestling the snake in the video shows how dangerous these slithery creatures can be. Someone who doesn’t have the experience and muscle of The Real Tarzann could find themselves as the lunch of one of these creatures if caught unawares, especially a small child or a pet.

This is evidenced by the way the snake tries to wrap itself around The Real Tarzann during the video. Snakes are essentially one big long muscle, and this one tries a few times to wrap itself around the legs of the human wrestling it. The Real Tarzann patiently moves the snake’s coils away from him, knowing what will happen if the snake gets ahold of him.

Some of the replies to the video criticized the snake handler for being cruel to the animal, saying that it was merely minding its own business in its own habitat. It’s true that some pythons are native to Indonesia, but that doesn’t mean they can’t encroach into areas humans rely on being able to pass through safely. When The Real Tarzann is called in, that usually means a dangerous snake has found its way into a place where its presence is invasive.

The Real Tarzann is also an animal lover, so the snake was most likely relocated rather than harmed or killed. Poachers hunt pythons for their skins, which are used in the fashion industry for items like belts and shoes, as well as to make certain traditional musical instruments. There are ways both legal and illegal to hunt pythons and sell their skins, and knowing that these snakes can put up a good fight against human aggressors, even those that don’t mean them harm, is still no reason to wear them.

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