Kyra Sedgwick Joins Indie Film Rays of Light

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


Though the strained familial relationship at the center of Lars von Trier’s 2011 sci-fi drama Melancholia was mildly infuriating at times, the film still gave a sound portrayal of the peculiar lives of a family living out the last days of their lives. It’s seemingly a difficult pathos for characters to exude, as death is particular to us all. But what if that impending doom was gradual, rather than instant?

Camellia Entertainment is set to begin production on the indie film Rays of Light, which has just signed actress Kyra Sedgwick to play the lead. The film will be helmed by Batan Silva, in his directorial debut. Silva has for decades been a first assistant director on a multitude of Hollywood movies, most recently for Terrence Malick’s To the Wonder, as well as Malick’s as-yet-untitled next film. He’ll be working with a script written by newcomer Frnando Diez Barroso.

Rays of Light‘s story centers on a dysfunctional family living in an estate house as they try to figure out how to survive now that the sun has died, and Sedgwick’s character will be the family’s matriarch.

Ahem. Now that the sun has died?!? Assuming it didn’t just put a shotgun in its mouth to end its misery, the changes that a dying sun would bring about would probably rid the Earth of things like “dysfunctional families,” but perhaps the story will silence my worries before they come spewing forth from my mouth at high volume inside a sparsely filled theater.

Production is set to begin in Nashville later this month. Sedgwick, soon to be finished with her TNT series The Closer, has the Ginsberg-Burroughs-Kerouac drama Kill Your Darlings coming out at some point this year, as well as John Herzfeld’s drama Reach Me with Sylvester Stallone.