Jedi Religion Spreading Almost As Rapidly As Jedi Ninja Fights

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The Latter Day Saints claim they’re the fastest growing religion in the world, but maybe someone should spend some time counting the growing numbers of people who affiliate with the Jedi, instead of Mormons.

Over the past few years census reports in countries all around the world have begun to record growing numbers of people who write in “Jedi” when asked their religion. In Australia more than 70,000 identify as Jedi, in Canada 21,000, and in relatively tiny yet incredibly geek friendly New Zealand there’s a whopping 53,000 Jedi worshippers. In 2001 nearly 400,000 people in the United Kingdom identified as Jedi. Now you can add another European country to the list.

In the Czech Republic not only have 15,000 people chosen a belief in the Force as their religion. “Many people adhered to the moral values of Jedi knights from the Star Wars saga,” says the Czech statistical office.

It’s worth noting that the most popular religion in the Czech Republic is no religion at all. More than half the country’s 10.5 million residents declined to list any religion. If you’re a follower of the Force, that’s nearly 6 million possible converts just waiting for you to show up on their doorstep and spread your midichlorians.

I imagine Jedi proselytism would probably look a little like this…

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