Japanese Iron Giant Mech Is Now Available For Pre-Sale

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

The world of Pacific Rim will soon be a reality (minus the giant sea monsters). Last July, Japanese manufacturing and technology company Suidobashi Heavy Industry unveiled a prototype for 4.4-ton, 13-foot giant mech suit called “Kuratas.” Now the Japanese company is ready sell their giant robots, but the Kuratas creator states his robot is “a mech of peace.”

The Verge reports, a Kuratas can be yours for as low as $1.35 million. In fact, last July when Suidobashi Heavy Industry was taking pre-orders, they had a surprising 3,000 orders in Japan and overseas. Since then, all of the pre-order customers have backed out because they thought these Kuratas robots were a joke. But the creator of Kuratas, Kogoro Kurata, isn’t laughing, because he finally completed his mech after three years of research and development. Check out the photos from the Kuratas unveiling and test.

With the hefty price tag, Suidobashi Heavy Industry doesn’t expect to make a profit from the Kuratas mech suits. It was made to see if they could do it. Said Kogoro Kurata, “It takes money to make things, and it takes money to borrow more money. My thinking was that if I paid for the whole thing myself I could get it done more cheaply.”

The Kuratas is a labor of love, and its creator wants people to enjoy his work. He did not intend for Kuratas to be used in warfare or by the military, despite its bombproof chest cavity and smile-activated BB gatling gun. “The idea was a toy robot — it’s built for people to ride in and have fun with, not for the army or anything,” he said. Let’s just hope a Kuratas doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Go to Suidobashi Heavy Industry for pre-sale, next to the header “Buy Dream Now.”

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