Japanese Engineers Develop A Made-To-Order 13-Foot Mech Suit

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

Leave it up to the Japanese to make all our sci-fi dreams come true. It seems like the entire country is obsessed with science and technology in pop culture and everyday life. In the past, Japanese researchers and engineers have developed robots that can play games and clean up after you. They have even designed and plan to build an elevator to go to space.

Now researchers have developed the first made-to-order full-sized, mobile mech suit. Watch it in action…

Created by Suidobashi Heavy Industries, the robotic project titled “Kuratas,” stands at an impressive 13 feet, weighs in at 4.4-tons, and is completely controlled by a pilot resting inside. Designed by Japanese robot pioneer Kogoro Kurata, the Kuratas mobile mech suit can be yours for a mere $1.35 million.

The Kogoro Kurata team has been working on the mobile mech suit since 2010 and developed an iPhone app for its control interface. It also uses a motion control Kinect-based movement interface that powers the mech’s 30 hydraulic joints, so you can either control it with your finger or full body. Strangely, it is not available on Android.

The mobile mech suit comes equipped with twin BB Gatling guns that fire 6,000 bullets per minute. It comes in a standard grey but you can customize the suit with 16 colors including black and pink. For an extra $94, the Kogoro Kurata team can add a cup holder and iPhone dock.

It’s only a matter of time before the next Great War is a robotic one. Let’s hope this technology will be used for peace and not war. Actually, let’s hope the Americans can catch up in the mobile mech suit arms race.