New iOS App Gives You Your Own Ziggy From Quantum Leap, In Case Of Unexpected Time Travel

By Steve West | 10 years ago

I can’t explain why it doesn’t bother me that people can charge for the most ridiculous of iPhone and iPad apps. It downright tickled me that people paid $999 for an app that was called “I Am Rich” and featured a red ruby on a black background….and that’s it. So when I hear someone has come up with an app to help you out in case of accidental time travel I’m in full support. This is especially true when the app is Ziggy from Quantum Leap, although it sadly does not include an Al to constantly hit the side of your iPhone when the info isn’t coming up right.

First, if you’re willing to pay for an item then it must have some value to you. You can’t be duped, because Apple does require you to say what the app actually does. Ziggy’s Time Travel Emergency Reference is full of info from the past that would come in handy on that day when the wacky old scientist friend of yours invents a time machine.

More than a sports almanac, or just a Wikipedia style collection of info, the app also includes technical documents. That way you could invent any number of items to achieve your dream of being the creator of shoelaces or Doritos.