Infographic Explains The Odds That You Exist

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

It’s already vastly apparent that we as humans are as insignificant as they come. The universe is infinite, ever expanding and in the grand scheme of things we live on a tiny speck called Earth that some giant space mutant may or may not be able to gobble up in one bite. However, we exist, you and I, and that is a science miracle in and of itself.

Dr. Ali Binazir proposes to prove to us just how unlikely it is that we exist as us and not someone else entirely. Detailing the chain of events that had to take place since the dawn of time and including the odds that each of those specific events would take place, Binazir presents us with an astonishing look at ourselves, as insignificant as we may be. Infographic after the jump.

by visually via

Impressive, right? Even the odds that your mom would meet your dad are pretty high, let alone the entire process of our creation. Even though our existence is minuscule in the never-ending universe, this graphic should make you happy just to be a part of it.

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