If You Can’t Find Enough Wall-E Toys, Blame Speed Racer

By GFR | 13 years ago

nullThis story title doesn’t even make sense does it? How can some craptacular movie like Speed Racer even begin to affect the amount of Wall-E Toys? At last week’s Licensing International Expo, Andy Mooney, chairman of Disney Consumer Products, discussed how stores had to make a choice on what to stock and they mostly gambled on Speed Racer. I sometimes question the intelligence of idiot execs at Wal-Mart, Target, and the like. Who in their damn right mind would have thought Speed Racer would be a success? It looked like blue screen shit from the get go.  These short sighted middle managers actually made the decision based on another Disney-Pixar film, Cars. While mediocre compared to other Pixar films, Cars has raked in the merchandising dough to a ridiculous amount. The merchandising bonanza is also the sole reason Cars 2 is in production before we get a sequel to The Incredibles if we ever do!

So, all of these marketing idiots decided that since the public liked toys from Cars so much that Speed Racer was the horse they should back. I can imagine the meeting now. “Um..this movie has cars in it. Let’s sell Speed Racer toys!” While Speed Racer toys aren’t doing as bad as the movie, is there any sci fi fan who isn’t DYING for a small freakin robot to sit on their desk? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to find 2.5 inch action figures like this for $10:


and an even cooler $40 interactive Wall-E like this:


 If you are patient, more and more toys will become available as the summer goes on. However, it’s time to save your money for a TRULY geeky collectible. Later this fall, a $180 Wall-E robot comes out and hot damn do I want it. It has a very cool remote control setup and the robot has sensors to keep it from running into things. According to Gizmodo, the little fella has “fully articulating tank treads, 10 motors, audio and vision sensors, remote control by both joystick and touchpad, individual shutters on each eye, and collision detection. Wall-E also has a “follow me” mode that’ll allow a Wall-E to stick to a kid or dog and track it around the house.” The only thing I wish it had was a vacuum attachment. It might have made me inevitable groveling for the robot a tad bit more successful. To see a video of Wall-E in action, click the following link!