Hue-ray! First Full-Color 3D Printer Will Soon Hit The Market

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

35The future of 3D printing technology will ultimately lead to amazing medical marvels and could have amazing health benefits for almost anyone. But that shit is for doctors and scientists. What about everyone sitting in front of their computer right now?

The company botObjects is raising the bar for personal users with their ProDesk3D full color desktop printer. Assuming its finished products are as attractive as the best 3D printers currently available — as well as the attractively sleek look of the ProDesk itself, which looks like a futuristic coffee maker — this will probably be best of the best when it’s released. This is mostly due to the five-color PLA cartridge, which will allow users to mix those primary hues to print their objects in any color they choose, which isn’t an option for anyone else at the moment, and many don’t offer the use of color at all. Which isn’t a problem if you just want to print up a bunch of black pyramids for your weekend cult…I mean club meetings. But for people interested in printing out anything flesh-colored, for instance, they’re limited to just painting their pieces after the fact.

I remember being sort of excited when I got a color printer for my computer for the first time, however many years ago, and then I never ever printed anything in color. That can be blamed on two things: most of what I print in the first place is words, and I am not one who enjoys spending money on expensive inks. Unless it’s squid ink for my…club.

Speaking of expensive, there’s no price set just yet for the ProDesk. But when you take in the color aspect, the design, the intuative set-up, the ease of the software integration, and the machine’s ability to design and print things as small as 25 microns, this thing will probably cost quite a bit of green. At least you can re-use the eco-friendly cartridges, which may save you green later in life. Like three dollars worth.

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