30 Incredible New Images Of Space From Hubble

See these new and astonishing Hubble images.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

Hubble images

Hubble images from the famous telescope can often appear like they are fake, renderings of a beautifully talented artist who is conjuring the picture of the universe in his/her mind’s eye. That’s just how stunning some are that have been released over the years. With a front-row seat to the cosmos, the Hubble telescope continues to provide us with pictures that begin to capture the infinity and majesty of space. And now there is a new set of Hubble images to feast your eyes on.

Check out all the Hubble images in the gallery below:

Late last week, in honor of the most famous telescope out there, NASA released 30 new Hubble images that capture parts of the Caldwell catalog. The images of a number of different celestial groupings, stars, planets, and more are nothing if not totally stunning. The array of colors in different galaxies and star clusters in the images offer new looks at the galaxy. The gallery, which has 109 total pictures in it to date has labeled the recently-released ones as *new* to give viewers a glimpse of what just came out. 

The Caldwell catalog of images was first published a year ago (December 2019). What’s more, NASA has provided star charts for the amatuer astronomer to reference again when using their own backyard telescope on a clear night. You’ll have to be in the Northern Hemisphere to get a glimpse, but otherwise much of this can be seen even with the most basic of skygazing tools. Will it have the same clarity with your feet planted on terra firma? Probably not, but it’s worth a try at least. 

hubble space

The Hubble telescope was first put into orbit in 1990 and has been capturing images ever since. It was originally designed so that it could sit in orbit for an extended period of time (decades) while also being maintained and updated by astronauts if the need arose. That’s led to improvements in its lenses as well as making repairs when things get out of whack. 

The Hubble images over the years have been incredibly important in helping scientists understand different aspects of our universe and helping to solve some mysteries of space. It’s open-source nature (institutions can apply for timed use of the Hubble telescope for their own research) has helped keep the Hubble telescope a busy one and why the extent of what we’ve learned from its pictures such a diverse list. Everyone has wanted to get their hands on this thing to gaze out into the cosmos. 

Again, it’s hard to put into words just how gorgeous these Hubble images appear on the screen. Staring up at the night sky can relegate us, lowly earthlings, into thinking the galaxies are nothing if not pinpricks of starlight sitting out there inert and twinkling. But just scroll through some of these pictures. They give the sense of a universe that’s fiery and chaotic with more happening in it than can actually be tangibly conveyed. Here’s to hoping these aren’t the last images we get from Hubble, that it keeps staring off into the unknown with new pictures to send back.