Holiday Gift Idea: Retro Space Age Stockings

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

The holidays are quickly approaching and the scrambling for the perfect gift is only intensifying.  Previously, we let you know about some pretty spiffy minimalist Doctor Who posters for sale over on Etsy.  But what if you’re more of a DIY nerd or have a friend who only appreciates the handmade?  Or maybe you just need to add a little more geekery into your holiday decorations.  If so, I’d like to direct your attention to an great little craft: Retro Space Age Stockings.

These awesome Christmas stockings have four different variations – ray gun, rocket ship, robot, and UFO – but it would be pretty easy to customize it with any geeky picture you’d like.  The free patterns for the ray gun, rocket ship, and robot stockings are up over at Tried & True, but you’ll have to like their Facebook page to get the UFO pattern.  There’s a step-by-step tutorial on the blog if you need it, but the project seems pretty easy.  If you can cut felt pieces and sew them together, you should be just fine. All you need are the patterns, some felt, fusible webbing, thread, and those sewing skills you’ve honed through all those years cosplaying.

Having knitted more than a few Jayne hats in my day, I can honestly say that sci-fi fans may love handmade gifts more than any other group I’ve come across.  I’d love to see somebody tweak this pattern with different colors and franchise themes.  It’d look great with a Tardis or Cylon – maybe even a Serenity or Enterprise.  The possibilities are endless!

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