Here’s Your Chance To Write Your Name In The Stars

By Brian Williams | 9 years ago

There are a lot of galaxies in the universe, over 100 billion in fact. All of these galaxies generally follow the guidelines of galactic evolution meaning there are just a few known types of galaxies but, from our set perspective in the cosmos, the shapes we can see are almost endless. Now a website takes those myriad shapes and combinations of the grandeur of the cosmos and turns them into an alphabet that you can write dirty messages with. Thank you interwebs.

The website, called My Galaxies, uses images taken from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey as its universal alphabet. Rather than just thanking Sloan for the pics and calling it a day, the site gives thanks to the citizen scientists that made this possible. The SDSS gathered so much data that the public was tasked with helping scientists go through it all thanks to the GalaxyZoo project. The Zooites were asked to go through nearly a million pictures of galaxies to help classify them by shape for scientific use. In this glut of information, the citizen scientists found many peculiar shapes that made their way to the forums and thus was the galactic alphabet created.

Even though there are only a few known types of galaxies, thanks to our perspective, we see them at all kinds of weird angles that gives them a wide variety of apparent shapes. When you factor in galactic collisions and alignments that make some galaxies appear to overlap, the combinations are almost endless. Sure god may not have the most legible handwriting in the universe, but it does make for some pretty cosmic graffiti.

It also gives you the chance to see what the universe would look like if god was a drunken frat boy.