Future Henry Cavill Superman Movies Will Give Lois Lane Powers?

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

Superman Man of Steel

Henry Cavill doesn’t have much of a future as Superman. Or does he? The actor’s role going forward in the DC Extended Universe seems to change nearly daily with some days seeing his role being expanded and other days seeing him being axed from the franchise altogether. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride in that way. Though it hasn’t seemed to stop the actor from dreaming of new story possibilities for the character and the universe. The latest rumor from insider Daniel Richtman has it that Cavill is pitching a new idea that would have Lois Lane getting her own set of powers in an upcoming movie. 

It’s unclear if Henry Cavill is in the position to be making demands when it comes to his Superman character or whether he even has a future at DC. But apparently, if he were to come back for a Man of Steel 2 or any other subsequent movie in the extended universe, he would want Amy Adams’s Lois Lane to maybe become something of his superpower equal on screen. If this happened, it would be an interesting development considering the trajectory of both characters and honestly, could lend at least a little gravity to the universe which continually struggles with what to do with the character. 

With Zack Snyder’s Justice League coming out to positive reviews and solid fan reception, there’s a chance we will see this Snyderverse (so to speak) continue on in the DC ranks. *SPOILERS FOR JUSTICE LEAGUE AHEAD*  That would obviously mean more stories involving Superman and Lois Lane. The director did leave things open at the end of the movie for continued narrative arcs around the characters though his final scenes suggested a bit of a different direction for the Lois character. In Ben Affleck’s dream sequence, considered to be the Knightmare timeline arc, it is suggested by Jared Leto’s Joker that Lois died. This event caused Superman to fully flip and become tyrannically evil. The Henry Cavill suggestion for her powers would mean abandoning that arc obviously. 

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But giving Lois Lane superpowers isn’t without some history in the comic book realm. There have been story arcs that had Lois as Superwoman in the past though those were alternate timelines that featured her as something of a combination of that character and Wonder Woman. There have also been stories in which Lois was able to absorb some of Superman’s powers. Whether these are things Henry Cavill is suggesting aren’t clear, but it would make sense to give him some kind of contemporary within this universe. The issue with Superman, often, is that he is too powerful for almost any story. We saw this in both versions of Justice League where even a team-up of the world’s biggest heroes are really nothing more than annoying gnats flying around the Kryptonian. It’s only Lois’s presence that can bring him “back to Earth”.

Again, we aren’t even sure about the future of Henry Cavill in this universe. With the making of a new Superman movie from JJ Abrams that definitely won’t have him in the lead, it’s unclear the path and future for this character. But if he were to continue on, this line of thinking in bringing Lois Lane up to a powerful superhero as well at least has some credence. Maybe there’s a future where they save the world side-by-side. 

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