These Guys Think They’re Flying Squirrels

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

What was the most adventurous thing that you did with your 2012? Did you don some sort of flying suit, fling yourself willy-nilly from the top of a mountain, and zip around with your buddies like a bunch of damn flying squirrels? No? Me neither. But then again, we’re not part of team Need For Speed, are we?

Check out this video of how those guys spend the majority of 2012.

Apparently recent advancements in flying suit technology have made it possible for crazy people to glide farther, faster, and more accurately than ever before. If the synchronicity with which these particular gents fly is any indication, that is definitely the case. Tight formations, pinpoint turns, and those cool smoke trails spooling out behind them make this look a little like some sort of intricate sky dance. Especially with the instrumental Pet Shop Boys remix playing over the top of it.

Good for them. I’m glad they’re living their lives like they want to, it’s fun and exciting to watch. But no matter how advanced the new technology gets, you can count me out of this sort of activity (not so adventurous, this one). I prefer not to jump off of high things, and I’m far too uncoordinated to attempt this sort of activity. All I can imagine is an endless line of situations where I turn the wrong way and fly head first into the sheer rock face of a mountain.

Thankfully for us, Robert Pecnik, Edo Senica, Mathias Wyss, Tilen Guzelj, Luka Fornazaric, Luka Kodra, Bor Guzej, Dr. No, and Harry Kloska, the fliers and camera operators in this video, have no such fear.

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