Third Grader’s Marshmallow Peeps Solar System Wins Contest

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Making models of the solar system for science fairs is pretty old hat, turned common by a million kids’ inability to secure any imagination around just hanging a bunch of balls from a 2 x 4. And when all you have are footballs, you have to look at it from just the precise angle, so that none of them look oblong. But I digress.

When science projects aren’t involved, the solar system is mostly left to the astronomers, so a round of applause goes to eight-year-old Elanor Clements of Aurora, Colorado, who took first place in the Kids section of the Denver Post Peeps Diorama Contest for her well-crafted solar system made out of marshmallow Peeps. Everything about a Peep is terrible to my mouth and taste buds, so this gets double gold stars from me.


While searching for ideas, a picture of the solar system became her muse. “I learned about it in preschool, and I like looking at stars,” said Elanor. Multiple packages of Peeps, some string, and a starry background later, and the third grader had victory on lockdown. Congratulations Eleanor, and continue on in your quest to bring science to the masses.

Incidentally, the winner of the adult section of the contest had a diorama called “Hipsters at the Food Trucks,” and it’s pretty snazzy. Peeps celebrated Easter before it was cool, apparently.