Google Testing Augmented Reality Glasses, It’s Like Back To The Future II Only Better

By Josh Tyler | Published

In Back to the Future Part II the McFly family sits around the table and enjoys a re-hydrated pizza. While they eat the McFly kids talk on the phone and interact with their environment using a visor which pulls down over their eyes like sunglasses. That’s no longer a sci-fi fantasy. Google is making it a reality, and maybe even taking the idea a few step further.

They’re calling it Project Glass and if you’re around the Googleplex today you may see people walking about wearing something like this…

That is the first step towards augmented reality and apparently it’s not just a pipedream, because Google employees are actually walking around wearing and testing the device. It’s wearable computing given form and this video will show you just exactly how it works…

The device runs on the Android mobile platform and it’s not really that different from your phone at its core. It’s how you interact with it that makes all the difference. If you’re worried that this kind of wearable computing might interfere with your life too much, Google says you shouldn’t be. Actually this is a way to free you up from having to deal with cumbersome computing. Imagine no longer having to fumble around in your pockets to get your phone out, or looking down to tap in a text or read directions. The idea here is to solve the problem of computing cutting people off from the world. Instead it’s simply there, without all the hassle.

Obviously if it works as well as advertised, this could be huge. Forget the iPad, in a few years everyone could be wearing the results of Google’s Project Glass.