Gillian Anderson And Others Strip Naked For Eco-Friendly Fishlove Campaign

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

gillian andersonUnderstand that I’m in no way trying to sound sexist or chauvinistic when I say that naked female flesh makes any GFR story better; I’m just trying to sound like a horny 31-year-old heterosexual man, which is a huge difference. (At least, that one girl told me it was huge.) A group of artful women and men recently offered up their bare bodies for a Fishlove campaign that aims to put an end to deep-sea commercial fishing in British waters, which has become increasingly harmful for marine life. And one of those nude bodies just happens to belong to Dana Scully, er, Gillian Anderson, who played Scully in Fox’s The X-Files, and many an X-Files fan’s daydreams. You see how this is tied into sci-fi now? Plus, we’re totes about saving the oceans or whatever.

Anderson, who appears above with the luckiest conger eel in the world, and the others were captured in still by the esteemed French photographer Denis Rouvre in one of three collections that Fishlove is using to draw attention to the creatures whose lives are in danger, as well as to a petition to persuade European Parliament to ban the most destructive forms of deep-sea fishing being used. You just can’t trust industrialized society to do anything right these days.

Because fishing interests have shifted, British taxpayers’ money is often going to French fisherman who scrape the bottom of the seabed for a small number of sought-out fish, while incidentally killing many other creatures in the process. The voting will take place on December 10, so there are still a few days for you guys to get on board and prove to these people that the public cares about sea creatures that look awesome when Anderson wears them.

Here are a few more examples of Rouvre’s striking work, starting with The Last Days on Mars star Olivia Williams holding a group of sabre fish.

olivia williams

This next one of German actor Jean-Marc Barr and a Mako shark is actually my favorite. He looks like he’s both dancing with it and playing it like an upright bass. (Not the fish kind of bass.)

jean-marc barr

barbara cabrita

English portrait and fashion photographer Rankin took a few interesting shots of a couple of unknown artists whose names slip my mind, but I think they’re something like “Terry Gilliam” and “Sir Ben Kingsley.” Yeah, those sound right. Too bad the British waters didn’t have any pythons of the Monty variety hanging out.


ben kingsley

And here are a couple more of British DJ Goldie and actress Jeany Spark. Go sign the petition and save some fishy fishy fishy fish!


jeany spark