See A Giant Snake Slithering Into A Toilet In A Public Bathroom

A huge snake was caught on video escaping down a public restroom toilet.

By Lyndon Nicholas | Updated


In the Jennifer Lopez-led thriller Anaconda, the protagonists had to worry about snakes in the jungle. In Samuel L. Jackson’s Snakes on a Plane, they had to worry about snakes on, you guessed it, a plane. Now, according to an article shared by Tuko about a recent viral TikTok, viewers will have to worry about snakes in their toilets as well.

The video uploaded by TikTok user  @appel74 shows a massive snake in what appears to be a public restroom. It slowly uncoils itself, its giant body slithering into the lone toilet. Amazingly, it slips its whole body into the toilet and disappears. 

The snake video takes place at an undisclosed public park and is a cautionary tale about being careful about where you choose to use the bathroom in public. Many people take precautions like bringing their own toilet covers, disinfectant wipes, and toilet paper. This is a reminder to always check the toilet before you sit down and make sure to flush first.

One of the most common ways that snakes find themselves in plumbing systems is through open ventilation pipes. In this case, if this was indeed filmed in a public park then it is very likely that the snake was able to climb up a tree onto the roof and in through the ventilation pipe. Conversely, it could have entered the bathroom somehow, then traveled from the toilet out through to different areas of the piping system.

Talk about scaring the crap out of someone. The video has amassed over 7 million views on TikTok and over 3300 comments since it was uploaded, but it might surprise viewers to learn that this is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, there are actually a number of fairly reasonable reasons why a snake might choose a toilet as its latest destination.

king cobra snake
Somehow, a king cobra is less scary

For one, snakes enjoy being in enclosed spaces where they feel safe and protected. Drainage pipes are often not inhabited and can serve as natural protection from predators or perceived threats. For the same reason, snakes also enjoy being in dark places because it gives them a feeling of protection and the ability to move largely unseen. 

Because of their bodily makeup, snakes can easily sneak into some of the most unwieldy places. It’s not uncommon for them to maneuver their way through pipes and drainage. If they can fit their head in, then they can likely fit the rest of their body in, shifting their mass from one end to the next when necessary.

Another big reason why a snake might want to hang out in a toilet other than safety is comfort. Toilet water is not usually heated, so it can be a reprieve for a snake to cool down and relax. For snakes, it’s like their own personal trip to a pool. 

This is more common in hot climates, especially, where it might be one of the few opportunities where a snake can be in a cool, dark, safe environment away from the sun. Especially since many piping systems are indoors or underground, this can make it an extremely valid underground spa day opportunity for a snake. Regardless of whether it’s an emergency or a casual bathroom break, if you’re in a public place in a hot climate known to be a habitat where snakes live, always make sure to check before you sit.