George Lucas Surprises The Crowd At Star Wars Celebration VI

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

During the Star Wars: The Clone Wars panel at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida, supervising director of the animated series Dave Filoni introduced to the stage “the show’s biggest fan,” which turned out to be George Lucas himself. Lucas was received with an uproarious cheer from the hundreds of Star Wars fans at the gathering. says the sci-fi icon was not scheduled to be at Star Wars Celebration VI at al this year so it was a complete surprise to everyone in attendance. While Lucas was on stage, he praised Filoni and the Clone Wars team for the outstanding job they were doing with the series. He noted their ability to create sophisticated stories in the Star Wars universe and applauded them for “making it more and more adult” and doing things that would be “far too complicated and far too expensive” in live-action.

The Star Wars creator later commented on an upcoming episode of The Clone Wars featuring a jungle planet inhabited with dragon-like winged creatures and Lucas admitted the episode was “A little bit of an homage to Jim Cameron… But it cost about 1000% less than Avatar.”

Filoni also stated the decision to bring fan-favorite Darth Maul back to the Star Wars universe was all Lucas’ idea. Darth Maul was one of George’s favorite characters and he felt weird about killing him off so quickly in the prequel saga. So he was glad to see Darth Maul back in the Clone Wars in an expanded story line with his brother Savage Opress.

When asked about the new animated series Star Wars: Detours, Lucas smiled and responded, “Detours… I don’t know what that is!”

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