See A Florida Man Capturing Massive Snake After Trapping Alligator With a Garbage Can

By Michileen Martin | 15 seconds ago


Philadelphia native and current Orlando, Florida resident Eugene Bozzi is becoming the official reptile wrangler of his neighborhood. Earlier this week, Bozzi posted a video to his Instagram of a huge snake he carried off his property, while just two weeks ago, he went viral after doing the same with an angry alligator.

The video from earlier this week is captioned “Damn snakes in the house and grass lol.” Bozzi already has the snake when the video starts. He has a broom in one hand and there’s a dustpan nearby on the sidewalk, so it’s likely they were instrumental in the animal’s capture. Bozzi carries the snake at arm’s length, away from his home, in a towel. Far from wearing any protective gear, Bozzi is only wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and Adidas Slides in the video, and the company even commented on the snake wrangling, writing, “Some heroes wear capes, others wear slides.” Bozzi told WTSP he returned the snake to “its home outdoors.” You can watch the video below.

But apparently either the snake wasn’t done with Bozzi’s home, or it just gave him a feel for reptiule ownership. On Tuesday, Bozzi posted two more videos and a series of photos with him in his home with two snakes. In the caption of one of the videos, Bozzi wrote, “My snake friend came back we had a few beers and worked it out lol.” He followed it up with a laugh emoji, so it may be that he actually purchased the snakes and is kidding about one of them being the reptile he’d previously carried away.

What makes the story particularly amazing is that the encroaching snake is not the first animal Bozzi’s had to eject from his property. Two weeks ago, the Philly native went viral capturing an alligator with a garbage can, and the way he does it is nothing less than ingenious. The video shows Bozzi pushing an open garbage can along the ground towards the gator and the reptile backing up. He calls out for his neighbors to tell him when the alligator’s head is in the can, since he can’t see over the side. Once the neighbors signal him, Bozzi pushes the lid to close partially on the gator’s head and pushes the can forward to get most of the beast’s body inside. The gator tries to escape, thrashing its tail around, but Bozzi succeeds in standing the can up and trapping it fully. Meanwhile, his neighbors and family burst into applauds. You can watch the video below.

Speaking to Philadelphia Magazine shortly after his encounter with the alligator, Bozzi said he’s hoping to take advantage of the viral videos and turn them into an entertainment career. He said he’s working on a pitch to Netflix to become “the Black Steve Irwin.” Apparently willing to wrestle more snakes and alligators, he told the magazine, “You want to put me in Alaska with some grizzlies? Let’s do it. I’ll bring my Philly slang into a shark cage, no problem.”