Finding The Locations Of Back To The Future

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

This summer, the movie Back To The Future celebrated the 27th anniversary of its July 3rd 1985 release date. Since then, the series remains one of the best trilogies of the past 30 years. It still remains relevant as a part of 80s pop culture. The team at On The Set has put together an extraordinary video cataloging the various locations of Back To The Future’s past and present.

Filmmaker Herve Attia has one quest to visit the film locations of his favorite movies. He has already put together videos of the film locations of Groundhog Day, The Goonies and ET. This 15-minute shows side-by-side what the locations looked like in 1985 and compares it to what it looks like today. Sometimes Attia seamlessly transitions from movie location to real life location, sometimes placing himself as part of the action.

It’s surprising to see how much of the actual locations of Back To The Future are still in existence like the Burger King fast food restaurant next to “Doc” Brown’s lab and the mall that was used as Twin Pines Mall in the movie. Marty’s high school even still looks the same although the school’s gym has been updated for a more contemporary feel almost 30 years later.

The suburban homes used for the 1985 and 1955 backdrops are still around too and they look exactly the same. It’s strange to see these locations in a modern setting. When you watch a movie so much, you’re married to these images and it’s hard to see them in any other context that is not from the movie itself.

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