Feed Your Baby With Star Trek

By Cali Hicks | Updated

One of the most exciting things about becoming a parent was knowing that I had a really good excuse to purchase the toys and merchandise tied in with my favorite sci-fi shows and movies again. Although, inexplicably, the Darth Tater I bought for my oldest son’s first Christmas (he was seven days old) somehow ended up on the shelf behind my husband’s desk at work. The one bummer about the merchandising thing was that there was precious little sci-fi gear available for children younger than toddlers.

Well the geniuses at Think Geek have once again stepped in to fill the breach with this adorable little set…

Now Trekkies can start Baby Spock off right with an officially licensed Star Trek feeding set. Designed after the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 of the Captain Kirk era, the spoon boasts light up nacelles. The bib, with a graphic of what appears to be Space Station K-7 from the classic ep. “The Trouble With Tribbles,” features motion activated LED lights that start doing their thing when the spoon approaches. Between bib and spoon, there should be enough blinking and flashing lights, flashing and blinking to clear a docking bay, or at least coax your little Klingon to open his mouth faster than you can say “KAPLA!!”

The saucer section does not detach, but the spoon does for ease of cleanup. Three spoon attachments are included, so you can feed your little acting ensign morning, noon, and night. The bib and Enterprise can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The whole setup meets ASTM & CPSC regulations.

All I want to know is where was this when my kids were of an age to use it?