Fear Of Giant Robots? Wired’s Mecha-Beast Will Scare You To Death At Comic-Con

By Nick Venable | 9 years ago

mech comic-conThe Giant Freakin’ Robot staff would like to take this moment and ask everyone to join us in a standing ovation for the guys from WIRED for creating the most incredible example of cosplay ever exhibited. And while their Freakin’ Robot, which they call the WIRED Mech isn’t giant in a relative-to-Pacific Rim‘s Jaegers kind of way, this 9.5-toot-tall, 400-pound behemoth would gut punch me into tomorrow if it heard me talking bad about it. Unleashing this hulking menace of a costume at Comic-Con 2013, WIRED is obviously dead set on both eventual robotic dictatorship and making a lot of people giggle nervously as their brains imagine a futuristic world with these things walking around everywhere. That is before their tyranny begins and all humans are vaporized out of existence.

After the WIRED guys conceived the idea, they got the masters at the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects to turn it into a massive, technically-sound robot, controlled by a human standing inside. Far more complicated than a costume gag on Scooby-Doo, the Mech and its 12-foot wingspan incorporates an extremely precise control system, so that the bot is a walking representation of the pilot himself. And since you can’t have something this large demand the end of humanity with the voice of a human itself, there’s some vocal distortion.

And who better than Mythbusters’ Adam Savage to bring the first look at the Mech to the masses. Check out the video below, and don’t be fooled by his jolly sense of humor, we’re in trouble.

WIRED was then awesome enough to post some making-of pictures so we can get a peek at how this monster was created. That way, we know where its weak spots are in case the wearer grows a MechaGod Complex. We’ve posted some of the pics below, but you can check out more at the link.

wired mech making of 2

wired mech making of 3

wired mech making of 4

wired mech making of Because watching a concept isn’t as fun as watching it in action, here’s a video of the Mech walking around Comic-Con, which eventually involves security. Also, check out Stan Lee’s reaction.

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