Get Your Face On A Pez Dispenser Or In Chocolate With 3D Printing

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


There’s no denying that 3D printing will take over the design world in the next few years, if it even takes that long. From human organs to guns (and gun-safety tech) to houses, it seems anything within the realm of lifeless existence can be customized in plastic. So, is this story about some radical new development that has the potential to change the world as we know it? Not a chance.

3D printing company Hot Pop Factory is known for making unique jewelry, but now they’re giving collectors a reason to celebrate with customizable Pez candy dispenser tops that look just like you! The idea came from brainstorming a holiday gift requested by a client, and the only answer that made any sense was slapping a colorless representation of their cranium on top of a Pez dispenser. My first Pez dispenser that I didn’t open to be mildly disgusted by was one of Boba Fett. I still have it somewhere, waiting for me to break it open after the apocalypse.

Hot Pop Factory co-founders Matt Compeau and Bi-Ying Miao use the motion sensor from the Xbox Kinect to get a scan of the person’s head, which is then put into the 3D printer for the plastic likeness to be printed out and attached to the top of some other schmuck’s bottom piece. The obvious problem with this, beyond the blank, Michael Meyers expression, is that you can’t actually eat it, but don’t be so Pez-imistic.

Luckily, a Valentine’s Day workshop at Tokyo’s FabCafe will put your face on chocolate. If you’re popping by Japan in February, it costs about $66 to attend, where your face will be scanned in 3D using the in-house Breuckmann BodyScan machine. Smile real big, stick your tongue out, whatever you want. It will be output as a silicon mold used to make those itty-bitty chocolate faces that you didn’t realize your life was missing, plus you get to keep the mold. How I’d love to tell my wife that her face is making my ass fat.

Whether you’re interested in moving your plastic face up and down for snacking and showing off, or if you really want to eat your own face but don’t want to try bath salts, there is someone out there ready to take up your cause.