EyePlus Gives Any Room A Breathtaking View

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


For many people, living somewhere with a fantastic view just isn’t an option. From the mediocrity of suburbia to high-rise apartment buildings surrounded by more high-rise apartment buildings, you usually need deep pockets to secure an abode that is as attractive looking out as it is looking in. A good scenic view is what separates a $200 hotel room from a $500 hotel room. That, and all the mini-bourbons.

The Italian company EyePlus — or Eye+, since they’re not too picky about their trademark — wants to give every room a view with its innovative display system that could, in the future, let someone feel like they’re anywhere in the world. Or at least let them know how it feels to look out of a window anywhere in the world. It looks like a TV, and actually is a TV when not being used for display purposes, but a USB attachment allows you to pick between various locations that you’d like to look at and experience. From a window.

And no, it isn’t just a simple picture. After all, you could just go out and buy a picture for that. The EyePlus features an optical sensor that tracks the onlooker’s movements, adjusting the angles to give the full view of a location from that particular vantage point. Say you’re looking out over a cityscape; as you get closer to the “window,” you can look down to the ground below and see cars moving, or look up to the sky and see the birds. The following video showcases quite a number of these video loops.

Amazing, right? Especially the view from a moving train. The company apparently doesn’t have any plans to release this thing in the U.S., and doesn’t even use the same kind of tuner that we use, but here’s hoping it finds its way here, and picks up some kind of a partnership with Google Earth and the International Space Station. Can you imagine looking outside your window and seeing the Earth floating in space? That would be fucking amazing. I wouldn’t care about pricing at that point, and I’d probably become something of a hermit.

The orbital tracker on the EyePlus also works as a camera, and when combined with the onboard microphone, it works as surveillance system as well, making all other Nanny Cams look like pansies in comparison. But just in case you’ve ever wanted to see what your reaction would be as you look out over a digital representation of the Grand Canyon — or the grandest canyon — it could be done.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and stare out my living room window at a yard full of grass that needs to be cut.