Eric Weinstein Claims He And Sam Harris Were Invited To See Alien UFOs By The Government

Eric Weinstein says he and writer Sam Harris were invited to view UFOs by the U.S. government, but have been put off for years.

By Mark McKee | Updated


Aliens are all the rage nowadays, with the news reporting UFOs after UFOs seemingly on the daily, and starting to feel like the 1950s again, when every weather anomaly is proof of the existence of aliens. Of course, where there is smoke, there is fire, and more questions are asked that don’t have answers good enough to explain certain things, spurring on the conspiracy theories that unidentified flying objects are from another world. Now, Intellectual Dark Web member Eric Weinstein is claiming that he has been invited to see aliens by the government, only to get pushed off for three years. 

On an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Weinstein tells a story that three years ago, he was approached by the government and asked to consult on something. He says the process is the same every time; they tell him they have something they cannot talk about because it is classified (meaning UFOs), then they go on to say they want to fly him out to show him something. Only they push it off every time, a process that Weinstein calls being manana-ed. 

Weinstein also addressed that he isn’t the only person to be contacted by the government about UFOs. He said that neuroscientist Sam Harris had been approached in the same way Weinstein was, telling them they would be instrumental in divulging the alien information to the public. The idea presumably being that when the government lets the country in on the fact that they know more about aliens than they have let on, these scientists/podcast hosts will have already prepared the public for their existence. 


Sam Harris explained three times on three separate podcasts last year the same things Weinstein is saying about being contacted about UFOs. He revealed on podcasts with Lex Friedman, Ricky Gervais, and Neil deGrasse Tyson that not only had he been approached, but if they reveal what he believes they will reveal, then he and other scientists have a lot to apologize for in regards to ridiculing UFO conspiracy theorists. Eric Weinstein told Joe Rogan that after both of them continually being “manana-ed” that Sam Harris is done with the government and UFOs. 

But after 70 years of dodging the subject of UFOs, why would the government be reaching out to these two and other scientists? After the multiple instances of the US government shooting down multiple unidentified objects thought to be Chinese spy balloons, the report divulging what happened with the UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon as opposed to UFO) is due on June 25. If they have information that is unable to be hidden from the public, it is possible they are preparing to reveal a 70-year-old secret.

Erin Weinstein also laid out two different possibilities as to why the government continues to manana him. He explains that there is no evidence of any of the world’s top physicists being involved in the study of UFOs, meaning either the government is faking all of it and they wouldn’t want the world’s top minds figuring out what they are doing (because they would see right through the charade), or they are B players and they don’t want A players making them look stupid. The top alien conspiracy theorists are waiting on pins and needles for the summer deadline, and if anything is released, they will be looking to their colleagues for apologies.