Eat Dinner Off Of A Levitating Table

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Due to conflicting schedules from all involved, my family never really did the “dinner around the dinner table” thing, and that was fine by me. I never really like when people can watch me eat anyway. But it’s a tradition that my wife’s family has stuck with for many years, and I’m not against carrying that on with my own family. And if I get my way, this is the table we’ll be using.


Perhaps the most science-based table to exist, beyond the periodic table, comes from designer Yana Christiaens, who has created the Flyux, a levitating dinner table. Levitating may be too suggestive a word. Inspired by Maglev trains, which use magnetic levitation instead of wheels to accelerate and brake, Christiaens designed the tabletop with a magnet beneath it, and a flat magnetized panel that sits on the floor beneath, leaving nothing but empty space between, allowing for the most obvious round of footsies ever played.

Interested less in dinner than in playing a board game or surfing the web on a laptop? Just increase or decrease the strength of the magnetic field to change the table’s height. And if you need more room for entertaining, just turn it off altogether for easy storage.

Furniture rarely excites me at all, but this sparked my interest immediately. Sure, having dinner on it would be fun, but I’m more interested in starting up a website advertising “Genuinely Awesome and Legitimate 100% Non-Magnetized Seances,” while working on my cold-reading skills.