DIY Spaceship Bed Made by Coolest Dad Ever

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

cVZo9hFor a website whose majority of story output come from other sources – like the majority of other websites in that respect – we applaud personal ingenuity. You don’t always need to change the world by discovering a cure for a deadly disease, or by finding a renewable energy source through simple chemistry. You don’t even have to make a movie with Star in the title. Sometimes, you just have to make some cool shit out of a bunch of junk.

Everybody start slow clapping for Reddit user Jeremiah Gordon, whose son Finn got his fifth birthday ushered in by being allowed to sleep in outer space, or at least in a bed replicating that experience, built and expertly cobbled together by Jeremiah himself. The construction of the loft bed, itself a nice enough gift, is made all the more amazing by the faux window portals and control panel, which is a young boy’s wet dream. Well, you know what I mean.


Beginning with a large control panel salvaged from a local TV station’s dumpster, Jeremiah rounded up a bunch of unused electronic scraps from friends, and embarked on making a button-filled, knob-covered, switch-laden, NASA-stickered control center, where your imagination can stretch beyond the ends of the universe. That’s how I see it anyway. The lack of a spaceship quality of my childhood bunk bed was immediately obvious when I fell out of it, and gravity smashed my big head into the ground, and instead of buttons, there was just my friend, sleeping through my screams.


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Beyond being a great novelty sleeping area, it will hopefully continue to fuel young Finn’s interest in space and science. And should that happen, the most innovating feature of this bed, should he keep it for another decade or so, is the curtain across the bottom, which he can pull across whenever girls come over.


As a kid, perhaps because of the bunk bed incident, I got rid of my bed frame as soon as I could, choosing to sleep on a mattress on the floor or on my couch. I can’t help but think this kind of nighttime indulgence would have gotten me back on board with bed frames. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go build my daughter Cinderella’s castle out of a bunch of old coffins.

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