Darth Vader Visits Japan For Tokyo Disneyland Ad

By Nick Venable | Published

Culture shock is a human-specific phenomenon, and can be found on both a global level and a local level. For instance, I seem to get way more lost in the ghetto than I do in lower middle class neighborhoods. But it’s not often people give serious thought to what it’s like for people from other planets to come down to Earth and walk amongst our countrysides and fish markets.

Leave it up to those forward-thinking brainiacs at Disney to consider what it would be like for Darth Vader to visit Japan, as shown below in an ad for Tokyo Disneyland and its upgraded “Star Tours: The Adventure Continues” attraction, which opens on May 7, 2013. Of course, because it’s Disney, there also aren’t any chokeholds or severed limbs or all-around evil douchebaggery, but there are a lot of moments where Imperial Stormtroopers walk around like a Keystone Cops version of the Secret Service, searching through clothing racks and dancing to what I think is a shamisen.

Usually it’s just the Empire-dominating confidence Darth Vader exudes that I’m jealous of, but sometimes I also just want to sit on the beach under a parasol with a fruity alcoholic drink. There would probably be a chain-bound woman nearby, but no one said gender equality was a bullet point on my Sith agenda.