Curiosity Checks In To Foursquare From Mars

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

NASA’s Curiosity is a busy rover. There are observations to be made, samples to be collected, and data to be processed. But deep down, Curiosity isn’t that different from you and me. It may be a robotic rover the size of a Mini Cooper, but it still wants some of the same things we want. For instance, finding excuses to goof off with social media when it should be working. Yes, Curiosity has officially updated us all on its status by checking into Gale Crater on Foursquare.

The check-in heard ’round the red planet was announced today on Foursquare’s official blog, where they pointed out that this is the first ever check-in on another planet. (There’s gotta be a badge unlock for that, doesn’t there?) It’s also only the second check-in in space; the first was by Expedition 25 Commander Douglas H. Wheelock, which earned him a “NASA Explorer Badge.”

For anyone planning a trip to Gale Crater in the near future, Curiosity left a helpful hint that the locale is “cold, dry, and rocky. Extra moisturizer and sturdy shoes would be a good idea, plus oxygen for those of you who breathe.” Oh, Curiosity. You’re always so considerate.

Curiosity will be checking in via Foursquare throughout its 23-month mission across Mars. If you’d like to follow the rover’s Foursquare adventures across the red planet, just go like the page. At this rate don’t be surprised if Curiosity signs up for an Instagram account. But if it sends me a LinkedIn invite, I’m just going to pretend I didn’t get it.

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