Crowdfunded NASA Trailer Will Play Before Star Trek Into Darkness

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

We Are the Explorers

With all the things that people are throwing money at on crowdfunding websites, it’s always encouraging to see something important getting attention, and not just movies and indie albums. (That said, my expectations for the upcoming Veronica Mars film are planetary in size.)

As an update to our previous story about a crowdfunded trailer for NASA on the Indiegogo website, it’s definitely worth noting that the campaign has already achieved and surpassed its $33,000 goal barely a week into it. The amount raised as of this writing is $43,551, with 29 days still left to go. Extraordinary!

Their initial goal covered a 30-second edit of their original pitch, titled “We Are the Explorers,” and getting the trailer into at least one theater per state, to be shown before Star Trek Into Darkness. Well, with that goal drop-kicked into orbit, the updated target has been raised to $94,000, which would rocket the trailer into 750 screens across the nation. That is a sizable chunk of the theaters that Into Darkness will play at, especially for something funded independently.

If it goes beyond $94,000? The project has partnered with Challenger Center for Space Science Education, and all of the further proceeds will go towards the Center’s hands-on efforts, which reach more than 400,000 middle school children around the globe, employing over 40,000 educators. The mysteries of space have captured the minds of this planet’s youth for years, and it’s time to remind those who have forgotten.

Just tell people that the U.S. government has reduced NASA to a thinktank that is seeing independently wealthy business people slowly overtake it in the space race. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with an overabundance of space-based corporations, NASA is both an American hallmark and a place where a lot of smart fucking people work and can’t afford to get all their projects off the ground, so to speak. Anyway, it’s great that people are funding a trailer, but let’s hope the trailer inspires people to fund bigger things.

Here is the original trailer again, just in case you missed it. Don’t blame us if you feel the need to jump off your roof to try and touch the moon.

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