Creepy Video Of Sheep Has Scientists Baffled

An eerie video has shown a farmer's sheep walking around in circles for 12 days, leaving scientists baffled.

By James Brizuela | Published

If you are one for conspiracy or the general feeling that something uneasy is about to happen, you might want to watch this new sheep video that has scientists baffled. A flock of sheep in China’s inner Mongolia region has been acting quite odd, as they have been walking in a complete circle for 12 days. No one has any idea as to why these animals have been acting this way, or why this bizarre happening has lasted so long.

The above video shows a massive number of sheep following one another in a circle, with some others just watching what is happening from outside the circle. This odd phenomenon has been going on for a reported 12 days, with the owner of the animals, Ms. Miao, stating that the odd happening is only taking place with one of the 34 sheep pens on the farm. The 13th sheep pen is one where the animals began to slowly start walking in a circle, with only a few of the animals starting this circle walk, then practically the entire flock joined in.


The Chinese media reports that the sheep that began to walk in a circle are completely healthy, and this behavior is completely unexplained. Allow us to break out our tin foil hats, but this reminds us of the time that the crop circles began to pop up at farms all over the world, which still hasn’t had any sort of explanation. Could it be that the animals are attempting to warn humans of some impending disaster?

The sheep began to circle the pen on November 4th, and there have been no reports of those animals having stopped this circle walking to eat or sleep. More theories are that the animals are suffering from Listeriosis, otherwise known as “circling disease”, which makes animals anorectic, depressed, and disoriented. Those animals affected with Listeriosis will often push themselves into corners, lean against stationary objects, or start circling toward the affected side.

Reports have stated that the sheep are healthy though, so they may not be suffering from Listeriosis, or the disease has not yet been identified in the animals. The 13th pen also seems to be the only one that could have contracted the disease, and the hope would then be that none are going to die from having contracted it. One thing is for sure, the circling is oddly hypnotic and terrifying all at once, and this could also just be a herd decision that all the animals decided to collectively engage in.

Whatever is going on with this farmer’s sheep has not yet been determined, so maybe more studies will reveal the true nature of this odd happening in the future. For now, if anyone has trouble sleeping, you can watch the above video and these sheep circling instead of counting them at night. Hopefully, this behavior is just a random occurrence and none of Ms. Miao’s animals are in any real danger, apart from being tired from walking so much these past 12 days.