Computers May Soon Be Able To Read Your Mind

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

A lot of the coolest things in science fiction still haven’t become reality. Where’s my hoverboard? But here’s one thing I kind of wish wouldn’t come true, but probably will. Mind-reading computers.

Each year IBM releases a list of the biggest technological advancements it’s planning for the next five years. The list is called “5 in 5” and this year computers that can read your mind were on it.

IBM researchers and scientists are working on ways to link your brain to your smartphone or your laptop, so you won’t ever even have to touch it or speak to it, in order to give it instructions. Just think about calling someone, and you’ll instantly be connected.

They don’t have the technology yet, but the fact that they’re predicting it within the next five years ought to tell you how close they are to achieving it. And while it sounds like a good idea to be able to think instructions to your smartphone, I’m not sure how comfortable I am with anyone being able to read what’s going on in my brain… even my computer.

The other five year predictions on their list were far less ominous. Those include the elimination of passwords by using biometric data to verify users, homes run off energy created by people’s movement, and better junk mail filters.

Here’s the full IBM “5 in 5” forecast in video form…