Own A Real Life Lightsaber, Or At Least As Close As You Can Get To One Legally

By Jenny Xu | 9 years ago

Wicked Lasers, creator of the world’s brightest handheld lasers, have come out with the LaserSaber. For $99.95 ($289.95-969.95 with your choice of laser) you can get an aircraft grade aluminum hilt with a 32 inch polycarbonate blade which diffuses the beam of the laser evenly. The diffuser even comes with a magnetic lock that creates a pretty authentic power up/down effect.

Watch them in action:

You get the choice between blue and green (in case you were confused as to why the Sith wasn’t wielding a red light lasersaber.) and then depending on how much you want to spend and how blindingly bright you want your saber to be, you can choose between the S3 Spyder III Arctic or the Spyder 3 Krypton laser.

The latter is the strongest: it’s 8,000 times brighter than looking directly at the sun and visible from outer space. Both come with five tactical modes, including SOS, in case, you know, you’re ever in a pinch and need to signal your alien friends for help.

If you want one, they’re for sale here.

The biggest drawback here is that you’re not supposed to duel with it. What, then, is the point of owning a lightsaber? Besides, even if you did disregard that warning, it’d be kind of hard finding someone to duel with. You can’t whip it out in public, or really, any place that holds breakable objects/living creatures. And what if you broke the blade?

You can’t even show it off since you need special glasses and whatnot to see it. Unless you want a lawsuit on your hands.

So, I guess if you’d be happy with just the knowledge that you have one of these babies (my precioussss…) it’d probably be better to get one of these or make your own, grab a friend, and then go to town reenacting the final Luke/Vader showdown, no stunt training required.

I think I could definitely pull this off with a couple of cheap 25 dollar light sabers, no Men in Black glasses required: