Check Out These Gorgeous Images Of Interstellar Travel

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

I grew up the son of a scientist, with my dad having worked as an aerospace engineer, high school teacher, and astronomy professor over the years. To say I was exposed to science a lot during the formative years would be an understatement. I’m enormously appreciative of that, but I’m equally appreciative of the fact that my dad was a die-hard science fiction fan, with a closet full of ’50s and ’60s pulp science fiction by people like Robert Heinlein and Andre Norton. As much as I loved reading that stuff, I loved the artwork almost as much. Science fiction has always been the literature of wonder, and that’s often easiest expressed in gorgeously illustrated pictures of starships and distant worlds and alien cities. The sort of pictures that convince you that we really might make it beyond our crowded little world some day. has posted a beautiful gallery of images from Project Icarus, which works to try and conjure up different feasible approaches to interstellar travel. The pictures are all the work of Hungarian illustrator Adrian Mann, and while they are more science than science fiction, they’re no less powerful at inspiring wonder. These are the vehicles that could one day carry us beyond our solar system, if only we can stop squabbling amongst ourselves and find the will to make it happen. Each image in the gallery includes a brief explanation about the craft pictured, including what sort of propulsion system it would use. It is, in a word, cool.

You can click over to Space to peruse the full line-up, but we’ve posted a few of our favorites in the gallery below. Space…the final frontier…