CDC Puts Out Comic Book To Advise On The Zombie Pandemic

By Steve West | 9 years ago

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is ever vigilant against bioterrorism, plague outbreaks, and pandemics. They keep the populace informed on how to prepare and react to such catastrophic events, including the Zombie Pandemic. The goal is to ensure that people can survive until the CDC arrives with medicine, equipment, and the know-how to fight whatever has gone wrong.

Unfortunately people just don’t quite understand what they need to do, so the CDC has looked to find a way to convey the information for us laymen. The result is a graphic novella that details a zombie outbreak, Z5N1 to be exact, and what’s expected to be prepared. Because it fudges facts, the comic book isn’t really all that helpful. I know it’s a comic, but the conceit is that the average person is being taught how to prepare for a real outbreak. The CDC Emergency Kit list at the end is barely legible.

The comic would also have us believe there’d be a blood test to check for the zombie virus in mere days, a vaccine would exist in a week, and all of this would be handled with ease if only every citizen knew what to do. Not true, as is evidenced by recent pandemics where a vaccine took months to produce. Also the vaccine is not made by the CDC as the comic indicates, it’s made by the pharmaceutical companies.

OK, cynicism aside it’s important to always at least be aware of how to deal with an outbreak. And while a little too clearly trying to be hip, the comic has fun art. Also Dustin Hoffman is not always around to find the infested monkey for us, sometimes we have to fend for ourselves.

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