Carrie Fisher Responds To Shatner’s Star Trek vs Star Wars Video

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Back in September, William Shatner posted a video over on YouTube called Star Trek vs Star Wars, in which he explains why the Star Trek franchise is superior to Star Wars.  He pokes some light-hearted fun at Star Wars (Leia’s bikini, ), but also makes some fairly reasonable points (Trek‘s forays into philosophical and social issues, SW‘s .  And he ends with the proposal of Leia and Kirk riding off into the sunset together.  It’s mildly interesting and entertain, but not a lot more than fodder for the long-running battles of Star Trek and Star Wars fans.

Not to be outdone, Carrie Fisher taped a response video rebuffing The Shat’s assertion:

Honestly, Fisher & Gurko’s video is pretty all over the place.  First Gurko states that Shatner is “starting” a feud between Star Trek and Star Wars fans, then they both reveal that they know almost nothing about Star Trek.  Fisher tries to take a humorous stab at Star Trek: TOS‘s special effects – calling them just “effects” because they aren’t “special” – and calls on the superior merchandise for Star Wars.  Somehow they end up moving to personal comments about Shatner (specifically his kidney stone and his penis).  They never end up making any real response to the serious nuggets in Shatner’s video, and are rarely very funny.

….although I will be calling Shatner “Han Solo” if I ever do see him.

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