Canada Now Closing Airspace Due To Active Defense Operations, F-16s En Route, UFO Suspected

UFO sightings near Canada are now causing more airspace restrictions.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published


In an “Active Air Defense Operation,” Canada has now closed a section of airspace over the Great Lakes and the US/Canada border in what many spectators are suspecting is due to an Unidentified Flying Object, aka a UFO. This comes hours after the United States Federal Aviation Administration sealed off airspace over Lake Michigan without explanation. The suspicion of a UFO over the US/Canada border is one of many UFO sightings reported recently after a suspected Chinese spy balloon was spotted flying over the United States.

Earlier today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and United States President Joe Biden ordered the destruction of a UFO flying over Alaska and the Canadian Yukon Territory, which was shot down by an F-22 plane. The United States Airforce is reportedly collecting debris from the object, though this may take time considering the wide expanse of the area where the debris could have fallen. F-16s were spotted flying from Truax Field Air National Guard Base near Madison, Wisconsin, near where the Canadian airspace was recently closed, leaving many to guess that the UFO seen in this area will be shot down as well.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed to be related, an Air Force E-3B has been seen doing “racetracks” (a flight pattern used to keep a plane confined to a certain geographical area) around Central Wisconsin, near the airspace that was closed down above Lake Michigan. It is suspected that the planes circling the state are aiming to detect or identify something (perhaps a UFO) in the area. Later, the object appears to have moved near Lake Huron.

Other United States aircraft have been spotted flying over Northern Michigan (possibly also keeping a lookout for more UFO sightings), specifically a KC-135 flanked by two combat aircraft. Twitter user @sentdefender reported the sighting as well as the estimated flight pattern of the aircraft, just south of the Canadian border. 

While to many, the term UFO is synonymous with aliens, these unidentified flying objects more likely originate closer to earth and are possibly more sinister in nature as they are likely to have been sent by foreign governments. 

Recently, a suspected spy balloon allegedly instigated by the Chinese government was shot down by United States officials, which resulted in the blacklisting of six Chinese entities receiving U.S. technology. Earlier today, a similar UFO was spotted flying over China, with Chinese officials claiming they would shoot it down. However, as the tweet from the Chinese news source Global Times has since been deleted, this may have been a false alarm.

What was not a false alarm, however, was the unidentified flying object reportedly flying in the US and Canadian airspace. While the only official reason given for shutting down the airspace has been for “national security,” Montana State Representative Matt Rosendale confirmed suspicions that it was a UFO by tweeting that he was currently waiting to be sent the visuals of the object.

At this time, not all information has been released, and much of what we know has come from speculation and observations made by citizens on the ground. However, we will continue to update as the story develops.