Camera That Filmed Star Wars Sold For $625k

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Celebrity auctions are unequivocally awesome and there have been some fantastic ones lately.  Christie’s will be auctioning off a giant lot of Elizabeth Taylor’s movie memorabilia, art, and jewelry December 13-16 and they’ve already started an online portion of the auction, which is full of just as many fantastic, shiny baubles as you’d imagine. 

Classic movie fans have been keeping a close eye on the collection of Debbie Reynolds, which she is  “making available to the public” in a series of auctions.  The legendary actress has been collecting costumes and memorabilia for decades, amassing a collection that includes Marilyn Monroe’s dresses from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch, Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hat, and even entire sets from scenes.  In the second part of the Reynolds auction series that was held this weekend, a new world record was even set.  Saturday’s auction brought in $625,000 for the camera that filmed Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope – the highest price ever paid for a movie camera.

The pricey piece is a Panavision PSR 35mm motion picture camera, and it was sold in “a complete package with two 1000ft magazines, a Panaspeed motor, matte box, follow focus, a Moy geared head, Italian-made Elemack camera dolly and lens.”  It’s the camera George Lucas used for principle photography on the first film of the , making it an historic piece of science fiction and cinematic memorabilia.  It’s not just a bit of memorabilia, though.  The camera is fully functional, so the proud new owner of the camera could follow in Lucas’s footsteps if he or she so desires.

If you have a few hundred thousands dollars you’d like to drop and missed out on both this and that Doctor Who auction, fear not.  Profiles in History – the organization holding the Debbie Reynolds auctions – will be holding their “Icons in Hollywood” auction on December 15 & 16.  That auction will include items like Bela Lugosi’s cape and the DeLorean from Back to the Future III.

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