A Call To Action From Neil deGrasse Tyson

By Rudie Obias | Updated

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the coolest Americans living today. He’s not an actor, he’s not a musician, he’s not a ball player and you’ll never see him on the cover of Us Weekly. He’s an educator and a scientist. He has an infectious energy and enthusiasm for space, which makes him a celebrity nerd.

In this video, Neil deGrasse Tyson addresses the current general downward state of the United States, in terms of ambition and economic, and boils it down to the general need of a well funded Space Program in this country. He believes that if the United States would put more funding into NASA and certify a mission to Mars, then this country could work towards social and political upward mobility.

Current funding for NASA is 0.5% of your tax dollars. It has been this way for the past 25 years. They’re looking to increase funding by an additional 0.5%, bringing it to an astounding 1% of government funding. By increasing federal funding, the general outcome of the country will be more prosperous.

Adding to the epicness of this video is not just Neil deGrasse Tyson’s commanding voice and words, but Clint Mansell’s driving and thunderous score. “Leaving Earth” from the video game, Mass Effect 3. A fitting title for this ambitious video.

If this doesn’t get you excited for science and space travel then I don’t know what will. Getting the hearts and minds of a nation behind something so risky is different and difficult. It’s an uphill battle but if you want to help fight it, visit Penny4NASA.org and use the hashtag #Penny4NASA on Twitter.

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