See Former President Bill Clinton Admit He Had Been Searching For Aliens

By James Brizuela | 17 seconds ago

bill clinton

There has been growing concern that aliens might be real. Well, that is to say, there is more attention being given to the fact that military personnel around the world have spotted UAPs, which stands for an unidentified aerial phenomenon. This new term has taken over the classic term most of us grew up with, UFOs. This attention has now been amplified by former president, Bill Clinton, who spoke on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Clinton claimed that he had sent personnel to Area 51 back in the 1990s to discover if there truly were aliens being held there. You can see the interview below:

We have timestamped the above video right before former president Bill Clinton is asked about the possibility of alien life. James Corden’s band is helmed by comedian and musician, Reggie Watts. Reggie is the one who asks the question, which Bill honestly answers. Well, maybe he answered what he could answer. He did claim that he sent personnel to Area 51, and he asked for a full briefing on the events of Roswell. The crowd laughs at the idea of the question by Watts, but Clinton states that it is a legitimate question. Corden also asks who was sent to Area 51, but Clinton coyly tells the talk show host that he cannot answer that.

Although this might just seem like a cheeky interview with Bill Clinton, there is a bit more to unpack here. Clinton states that his Chief of Staff, John Podesta, was a huge fan of science-fiction, so they wanted to know what they could find in terms of alien life. Clinton does blow off the question a bit and says that he “doesn’t know” anything about the recent number of UAPs that have been made public. Clinton may not know directly, but we are sure he has seen some of the videos. The Pentagon even had a meeting about the threat of these aircraft and the videos that have been captured by our own military branches. However, the man does admit that he had sent people to find out more about alien life. That is huge considering most other presidents would brush off the questions unless they might look like a crackpot of sorts.

It appears that more higher-level officials within the American government keep being asked about aliens and life living among the stars, and where once it was laughed at completely, now there seems to be a sort of growing consensus that we are not alone in the universe. Bill Clinton all but confirmed that fact by referencing Area 51, which is the top-secret area that supposedly houses aliens and their aircraft.

Bill Clinton may not be in the know any longer, as he is no longer the president, however, he might know more than he is letting in this interview. He never states what they found in Area 51, only giving the half-humorous response that he had been searching for alien life with his own staff. Maybe alien life has been here this entire time, but the public is only learning about it in small doses.