Bigfoot Nest Found?

By Saralyn Smith | Published

Last month, cryptozoologists and Bigfoot enthusiasts from the United States, Canada, Russian, and Sweden met for an international conference in Moscow discussing all the latest finds and research on the big hairy hominids.  After the conference, a group of participants trucked out to the Kemerovo region (north of eastern Kazakhastan) to investigate recent sightings of the creatures that are sometimes known as Yetis.  The trip prompted Russian officials to announce that they have “indisputible evidence” of the creature, and now we’re being treated to some of that “proof”.

Photos in The Daily Mail and The Sun show what are supposed to be Bigfoot “nests”: sometimes twisted and knotted arches of trees and branches.  According to the involved researchers (and regional officials), such constructions can only have been created by Bigfoots.  The arches (referred to in many articles as “nests”) are reasonably similar to arches found in the United States, lending further credence to the theories about the sasquatch’s worldwide reach.  The Telegraph also says that the nests show similarity to nests built by orangutans and gorillas, which would only be natural of the missing link.

To those of you who look at the photos and see something that might have been done by any manner of man or beast, researcher John Bindernagel says no: “We didn’t feel like the trees we saw in Siberia had been done by a man or another mammal.”  Then again, he’s also got a vested interest in finding conclusive proof of the Bigfoot/Yeti/sasquatch: “I’m nearly 70 so time is running out for me.”