Beautiful Shot Of Lightning Viewed From The International Space Station

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Space exploration has been giving us breathtaking pictures of the universe around us for some time now, but often the most impactful shots are not of far-off galaxies or planets, but of our own home. From the iconic shots of the Earth viewed from the Moon to crazy shots taken from the ISS, we’ve had some talented shutterbugs floating around outside our atmosphere. Add to that history this amazing shot of lightning, as viewed from a perspective few of us will ever get to see: 200-plus miles above the Earth’s surface.

The shot was taken from the International Space Station by ESA astronaut André Kuipers as a storm rolled over west Africa. I’ll say this for the ISS crews: for all the creature comforts they give up to work a stint on the station, they’re sure as hell never lacking for an impressive view out their windows.


via Universe Today

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