BBC Uses Halo Space Command Logo Instead of UN Security Council

By Will LeBlanc | Updated

Every now and then a video of “news anchor fails” will appear on YouTube chronicling the year in accidental swearing, equipment failure, and other extraneous screw ups that live TV offers up. This is one such clip.

In speaking about the United Nations Security Council, a BBC news program wound up using the wrong logo in their greenscreen triptic. It was just an old logo for the council though, it was the United Nations Space Command logo from everyone’s favorite outer space shoot ‘em up Halo. Scope out the gaff below.

I wouldn’t call this a colossal fuck up, but there’s a graphic designer somewhere in England looking for a new job, that’s for sure. It’s easy to see where the mistake was made. A Google search of just UNSC brings up a list of websites about the Security Council, but the top several image results are for the Space Command.

Likely there aren’t too many adults that watch the news that would have known the difference. I mean, do you know what the UN Security Council logo looks like? But for nerds like us who rove the internet for goofs, this is pure gold.