United States Planning For A War In Outer Space?

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

It seems like we’ve been talking about the possibility of putting weapons in space ever since Reagan, and truly the whole idea of weaponizing the empty space outside our atmosphere first gained traction in the fifties. Yet, nothing truly significant has ever really come of it. Now it seems the United States government is at it again.

The Obama administration bowed out of an international agreement designed to demilitarize space while reducing floating debris on Januar 12th, and that got people talking. Then a few days later US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton issued a statement in which she made it clear that the US won’t agree to anything which restricts our “national security-related activities in space.”

If I thought there was any chance that the United States might be pointing its weapons outward in preparation for some sort of alien invasion, I’d be all for this newly militaristic stance towards the stuff out amongst the stars, but of course that’s not what’s going on here.

The good news is that the United States is working to create some sort of outer space code of conduct, which they along with other nations will agree to adhere to, it’s just not going to contain anything that’ll prevent the US government from putting death rays in orbit and pointing them at Afghanistan. Or on the positive side, from putting a giant “laser” in orbit to fight back against little green men when they finally get down to the business of invading us.

Here’s a thought. If the United States is really worried about being able to militarize near-Earth orbit then perhaps now is a good time to give NASA the funding they need to replace the shuttle program? And hey, why not get a jump on the Martian arms race while we’re at it, and dump some money into putting a man on the red planet? Just a thought, take it or leave it Obama. You’re welcome.