The Most Amazing Mars Images Sent Back By Curiosity So Far

By Josh Tyler | 8 years ago

Curiosity is entering is third day on Mars and, though this is only the beginning, NASA has already started releasing some pretty amazing photos from the red planet. Here’s just a few of our favorites so far…

This one is my favorite and it’s also one of the few color images NASA has released. The above photo shows Curiosity’s heat shield during the rover’s descent to the surface of Mars.

This is a combination of two photos, the first two full-resolution images taken on the surface by Curiosity. The cameras used are on the rover’s mast and you can see the rim of the Gale crater, where Curiosity landed, off in the distance.

You’ll have to squint to make it out, but pictured above is Curiosity with its parachute open as it descended through the Mars atmosphere.

This photo may not look like much, but it’s actually a high-resolution, close up shot of what the ground on Mars actually looks like. NASA has even provided a measure to give it scale. Rocks are rocks, no matter which planet you’re on.

Here’s a really clear look at Curiosity casting a shadow in the first image taken by the rover’s navigation camera. The navigation camera is used to find the sun, and then orient the rover’s position accordingly.

NASA has even more images, albeit many of them blurry or of poor quality, over on the rover’s official mission page. Obviously, though, this is only the start. The view we’re getting of our nearest neighbor is only going to get better the longer Curiosity is there. Stick around, we’ll alert you when NASA’s robotic explorer sends back more.

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