Did Aliens Visit The Olympic Games?

By Brent McKnight | Published

The opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games have become an overlong, bloated, masturbatory exercise on the part of the host country. Friday night the event was on at a bar, and every time I looked up at the TV screen I had the same thought, “that’s still on? Really? How much longer can this possibly go?” It’s a boring event, and yes, even the 2008 Beijing ceremony that made everyone poop themselves.

You know what would liven up the opening ceremonies? Aliens. And maybe, just maybe some extraterrestrial visitors flying-saucer’d all the way across the galaxy to catch a peak at the opening festivities of the games of the thirtieth Olypiad? Two videos pick up this debate, that maybe there were UFOs hovering over London, spying on the Games.

Sometimes it feels like everyone on Earth is into the Olympics, but who knew aliens were such fans? People flocked to London from all over the globe to root on their country folk, but flying in from another planet or another solar system? I’ll barely turn on the TV unless there’s synchronized diving (or handball, my new favorite sport), but intergalactic space travel? That’s fandom right there.

Despite my love of science fiction, I’m not a huge UFO conspiracy theorist, and I don’t scan the night skies looking for E.T. What do you think? Is this real, a hoax, or someone just seeing what they want to see? Are there visitors from some far off world wandering around London right now, taking in the sights, watching gymnastics or the team archery finals? Is it difficult for them to get tickets? There is a global mash up of cultures going on, so what better place for alien visitors to hang around and not stick out?