Aliens Are Using Black Holes As Quantum Computers?

Physicists believe that aliens use black holes as quantum computers, completely changing the way scientists might search for extraterrestrials in the future.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated


Move over AI, there’s a new sci-fi concept in town to inspire existential dread in everyone: extraterrestrial life forms using black holes as computers. Science Alert reports that physicists have recently theorized that if aliens do exist, they may be generating mini-black holes to use for quantum computing. Basically, aliens might be tearing their own holes in space and time to use the energy produced.

Scientists have long searched for proof of aliens, before this new revelation about black holes, by trying to intercept radio waves that might be floating around in space. SETI, or search for extraterrestrial intelligence, has been using giant satellite dishes to monitor the cosmos for radio technosignatures for decades with little to no success. Now scientists think that’s because we’ve been looking for the wrong thing.

If aliens do exist–and let’s be honest, given the universe’s age, it’s pretty much a given–there’s a good chance they outgrew radio a long time ago in favor of black hole computing. Many scientists have proposed that the giant nothing we’ve received when we ask the universe, “Is anyone there?” is less of a nothing and more of a “yes” in a language we aren’t currently speaking.

aliens black holes

That’s why Gia Dvali, a theoretical physicist, and Zaza Osmanov, a professor of physics, suggested we start looking for evidence of something more advanced, specifically quantum computers when it comes to locating aliens. Quantum computers are similar to regular computers, but instead of doing calculations based on set physical states–on or off, 1 or 0–they do calculations based on the “undefined properties of an object before they’ve been detected.”

In simpler terms, a regular computer computes what is there, and a quantum computer computes what might be there before there is even agreed upon. Naturally, quantum computers would require a lot of energy to compute all the theoretical possibilities that could occur in any given situation. That’s where the alien link to black holes comes in.

Alien theories aside, it’s long been thought that black holes could be a source of limitless energy. Dvali and Osmanov propose that if aliens were going to do quantum computing right, they would create several tiny black holes rather than relying on any of the bigger, naturally occurring ones. The duo claim, “It is maximally beneficial for ETI [Extraterrestrial Intelligence] to invest energy in the creation of many microscopic black holes as opposed to a few large ones.”

Dvali and Osmanov’s aliens and black holes theory has yet to be tested, but it’s in line with what other astronomers and astrophysicists have recommended in recent years in regard to SETI. Scientists have suggested abandoning radio and focusing on evidence of other technosignatures like lasers, neutrino emissions, quantum communications, and gravitational waves.

Now thanks to Dvali and Osmanov’s work, quantum computing can be added to the list of alternatives for SETI to be on the lookout for when searching for evidence of aliens. Of course, given the unusually high amount of foreign objects in the air recently, there’s a good chance that aliens may have found us first, with or without quantum computing energy within black holes.