The Actual Chinese National Space Administration Logo Is Also The Starfleet Logo

By Steve West | 10 years ago

There’s something familiar about the image below. Something iconic pops out immediately. This is the official logo of the Chinese National Space Administration, and it confirms the end of America’s dominance as a world power and our eventual obsolescence as an interplanetary power. It also helps to prove that maybe Joss Whedon got a little of our future right with Firefly. While the stylized looping bottom is not present, what China has is the first rendition of the Starfleet logo mixed with the United Federation of Planets logo.

Chinese National Space Administration

Not seeing it? Here are the two Star Trek logos they’ve combined together to come up with their image:

United Federation Of Planets Logo

Starfleet Logo

It all starts out innocently enough. China cheekily uses a major iconic image from one of the most beloved sci fi series in history, and all us geeks say how cool it is. “Aw man, that is so awesome that they’re using the Trek logo.” You may feel that we should “engage” in discourse about whether this is news or not, and we should “make it so.” This is probably old news, and I admit to being late to the party… but I’ve only just watched my first Star Trek episode and now I’m seeing Trek stuff everywhere.