8,064 Light Bulbs Will Challenge Your Perception And Sanity

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


Reading audience, it is rare that I publicly promote the use of hallucinogens, because they’re not for everyone, and those people who react badly ruin it for everyone else. Considering the light-based art/design installments that the European-based Squidsoup has astounded the world with, it seems silly to consider that mushrooms and acid exist for any other reason beyond experiencing these exhibits. Not that I’m condoning their use. I can’t even condone looking at some of this stuff sober. But I demand you do it.

Now on display at the Galleri ROM in Oslo, Norway, Squidsoup’s latest project “Submergence” is distorting spatial perception with 8,064 equally spaced hanging lights that fill a room from top to bottom. The lights are able to hit an astounding array of colors and shades, and the multitude of programmed patterns change almost too rapidly to do anything but stare agog. I’m assuming there are motion sensors in the ceiling that track the movement of people walking through, as the lights can follow a person as they walk. Unless somebody’s just controlling it like a spotlight. Either way, I’m impressed.

Check out the video below with a towel held up to both of your ears, just in case your brain explodes and starts leaking. The early part is some of the most beautiful and simple imagery I’ve ever seen, and by the time the electronic music kicks in near the end, I was considering how much trouble I’d be in if I got caught trying to steal all of it.

It didn’t seem like it could get better for Squidsoup after the amazing “Living Timeline” and “Infestation” exhibits. The latter just projected a shit ton of bugs on to the ground that “interact” with people by crawling on them. The “Living Timeline,” shown below, is similarly projected, but takes on a larger section of the animal kingdom, as well as their habitats. I’m sure the electric bill at these places is insane, but it’s completely worth it.

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